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Organization, Design & DIY Specialists


We turn chaos into order, optimizing your space so you feel calmer & wellnested  


Hi, I'm


Head Nester

I turn chaos into order. I'm a corporate escapee turned decluttering, organization and design specialist. I know first hand the impact your home can have on your wellbeing, productivity, and rest cycle, so I help busy people optimize their space so they can focus less on the stuff and more on what matters. 

I am a vibe creator, potential-spotter, space finder and order seeker. A detail obsessed priority juggler, experienced diy-er, skilled flipper, deal coveter, and the manifester of that indescribable, but totally palpable feeling of home.


& I'm

Head Fixer

I am the offspring of a contractor, practically raised on a construction site. Learning each trade painstakingly with every delegated task, I have combined my love of teaching with my construction and renovation expertise.  Teaching you how to do it yourself, and not mess it up. 

I am a magic maker, thing fixer, solution finder, and space builder. A laser focused optimist, experienced teacher, renovation expert, skilled tradesmen, and a believer that it's all figure-out-able.


Sandra S, Toronto

“The kids and I are so thrilled with the work you did. My husband came home and was so impressed & grateful. I love being in our space now, we feel so calm and happy. My nervous system thanks you Brittnei! We all do! Can't wait to dig into the rest of the house with you."



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